Jeremy Johnson — Dallas Area UX & CX Leader
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I'm passionate about sharing my stories and helping others succeed in their craft. Here's a small selection of videos from some of my speaking engagments.

How can user experience impact ROI? projekt202 VP of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson discusses the benefits and strengths of understanding the customer experience.

UX experts Cassini Nazir, Rebecca Baker and Jeremy Johnson provide help to startup Gruvi, an app for crowd-sourced music creation. 

User Experience has a direct impact on your bottom line, and it's about time we start telling execs in their own language. I'm sure many of you spend a good amount of time evangelizing what it is that you do, and the value it adds.

Watch as UX experts James Helms, Chelsea Maxwell and Jeremy Johnson help startup CalcuQuote, an enterprise SaaS request-for-quote management system. 

Watch as UX experts Jeremy Johnson , Adam Polansky and Elisa Miller help startup ScoreBird, an app for real-time high school sports scores. 

I'm interviewing two deisgners in a facebook live 360 video chat from the @projekt202 validation lab in Addison, TX

A quick 5min lightning talk about the four main ways Design adds business value at the local UXPA chapter in Dallas, TX
Jeremy Johnson chats with Winston Edmondson about the future of UX design at the Big (D)esign Conference.