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The many ways Design adds business value

I know Design adds value. As a process, as a method, as a practice — design can add value across organizations in a number of different ways. I was recently digging into a great research paper on Design ROI and some lightbulbs went off on how we should be talking about design. It’s a great download, and has a ton of in-depth data on a topic that’s just as hot today as it was back when it was written in 2011.

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Why UX should embrace Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is 🔥.

Headlinesarticlesad campaigns — it’s what companies are aspiring to. But what is it? Quick definition: it’s using digital technologies to drive effective business, and in some cases stave off becoming obsolete. Think about most “modern” businesses over 10–20 years old, there are still processes that need paper, even fax machines to complete. They still have systems that don’t talk to each other, outdated databases. There are still digital solutions that are sub-par, hard to use, slow, not meeting customer needs, etc…

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We live in the future. A rant.

While we’ll always be chasing the future, here today, we’re close.

I have multiple personal assistants, all in the cloud. I ask one, just by saying its name, to turn my lights on and off, play the news, and set alarms (Amazon Echo). I have another that sets reminders, tells me when I need to leave, and answers many of my questions (Apple Siri). I have “bots” always searching for new restaurants, and letting me know new places to try out, what I may like, and where I should go after dinner (Marsbot). I have another I talk to that’s looking over my finances, looking for ways to reduce monthly bills, and alerts me of my charges (trim).

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