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Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Move Fast: My UX journey to move faster

Today's Dallas Digital Summit started with Alexis Ohanian (reddit and hipmunk fame) talking about how the internet is changing everything. And in his talks he touched on some aspects of product development - things like shipping, getting a MVP product out the door, and making sure customers find value in what you're creating.

It's good to get a startup vibe to start off the day - and I'm really passionate about bringing this vibe to other organizations. I think as User Experience Designers we're in the right place to help change organizations - so it makes sense that things like the Lean UX mirrors elements of the Lean Startup movement and Agile Development.

So lets make things, great things, well designed things - build/measure/test - and may you ship as often as possible.

Here's my presentation from today's UX session @ Dallas Digital Summit: