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If you like a combination of the following: design, user experience, technology, games, art, travel and the internet let me provide you the news. Yes, I actually enjoy sifting through the news, so that you don't have to - and I bet I'll do a better job than your news reader (that is if we have similar interests!). Let's take a look at what I can provide. According to Google Reader: From your 444 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 4,536 items, clicked 48 items, starred 1,156 items, and emailed 1 items. I've cut 75% of the fat right off. Let's take a closer look:

Here's the number of items posted in the last month vs. number I selected to share:

Here are the number of items posted vs. shared over the days of the week:

And the hourly breakdown - notice the before work, lunch, and after work spikes:

Where do my most shared articles come from? Here's my top 20:

Since I started using Google Reader on October 7, 2005 I've read a total of 184,524 items. That's around 80 articles a day.

Before Google Reader shut off the sharing feature in the web interface and moved sharing to Google Plus I had a number of people following me - with most of my friends declaring RSS bankruptcy - unable to read it all. But now with some great magazine-style tablet and phone apps, you can browse at your leisure, and enjoy a great selection of curated news.

Here's my curated content feed - ready for any RSS reader, or magazine app: - you can preview my feed here:

This feed works great with not just RSS readers, but it can be transformed into a magazine, ready to browse:

Using FlipBoard you can add a specific RSS feed (it's a little tricky). The easiest way is to use a Google Reader account - connect it to Flipboard, then select Google Reader - then select "Jeremy Johnson's shared items in Google Reader", then "Add +". There you go, instant curated news.

(Some Flipboard screenshots around adding specific RSS feeds)

So if you find yourself losing interest in your news, let me sift through and find some interesting stuff. And if you're on twitter, I also cross-post my curated content there as well.