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Refresh Dallas is back

If I remember correctly, Refresh started in 2005 by @eris while working at Bright Corner. Eris and Garrett (who is speaking this Thursday) spearheaded the idea along with help from Jeff Adams. 2005, six years ago. That's a long time in web years. Thanks to google groups, the ideation is recorded, from @eris:

First of all, wow!  I was completely not expecting that many people to show up and for the discussion to go so well.  Thank you all so much for being interested in this and participating.  We've got a lot of work to do, but I fully believe that we can do it. Here are the notes that I took, if anyone has ideas to add or points to discuss, please do!

Community goals: To refresh the digital design community and in doing so, highlight the collective badassness in Dallas.  To give back to the city and to essentially refresh the creative, technical and professional aspects of what it means to be a designer in the Dallas area.

Monthly meetings: 30 minute presentation/primer on a particular topic followed by an hour roundtable discussion relating to that topic.  Presenter responsible for putting their notes on the website, roundtable discussion posted via podcasting. Pending the monthly schedules for other groups in Dallas, we could do every second Thursday of the month.

And what started in Dallas, quickly grew worldwide over the years.

Poking around the google groups archive, I found a old suggested mock-up I created back in 2005:

But even without a fully formed website ;-) it grew:

Photos from the 11/2005 meeting:



9/2006 meeting:

Mark Kraemer - Refresh Dallas

11/2006 meeting:



I spoke at the 10/2007 meeting on Mobile Design:


And streamed a meeting from home in 2008 (baby duty):

Picture 65.png

And here's one from 2009 with @digitalcandy

Refresh with Candy

In the end, it's really great to have something that started here locally last this long. How many ideas turn into something that grows for 6+ years, travels all over the world, and still has people wanting to be part of it? Not many.

So if you're in the Dallas area this week, check us out:

Thursday September 8, 2011 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Improving Enterprises 16633 Dallas Parkway, Suite 100 Addison, Texas 75001