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Traveling Light

The perfect laptop for the airport and airline? - with the MacBook Air 11" you don't need to take out your laptop when going through the TSA line, and it actually fits on the tray - with your drink! #WIN

I agree with

I do work on the road using a MacBook Air, not an iPad, because I’m one of those users for whom the iPad’s design compromises get in the way, and slow me down. But I like having the iPad as a separate device, for reading and video. The marvel of the iPad is not that it can replace a Mac. It’s that it opened the door to all sorts of things that a Mac was never all that good for.

Overall my experience with the 11" and Lion has been great, and the extra screen space is rarely missed and it performs like a champ. If only it had the iPad's battery life, it would be the perfect travel machine!