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Big Design UPA Dallas Preview Event

This week the local Dallas UPA held a Big Design Preview event, where 40+ people got to hear 10 minute previews on some of the great upcoming talks here at the GameStop office.

There was a large turnout - and as always, the Dallas UPA is a great place to meet new people, get introduced to the local User Experience community, and hear from peers on new methods, books, resources, and more.

After the opening mixer, we heard from:

@BrianKSullivan Designing for Awareness

@digitalcandy Remove the Suck: Lessons in Product Differentiation

@mattdonovan Defending Creative Designs

@marcelosomers Use the Force To Build Your Strategy

@suredoc Narrate This: How You Can Own Your Own Story

@schubox Critical Thinking for Creatives: How to Make Decisions Faster

@AdamtheIA Innovation: Ideas are Just the Beginning

Be sure to check out all the great speakers at this year's Big Design:

I also previewed my talk:

Game On: Everything you need to know about how games are saving changing the world

Gaming is at a tipping point, never before have games effected our day-to-day lives in such a substantial way. From entertaining yourself on the subway with Angry Birds, to solving the world's greatest problems - gaming is quickly becoming a mainstream way to explore, communicate, connect, and work.

With "Game On" Jeremy Johnson will take you on a tour of gaming trends - which includes everyone's favorite gaming buzz words: gamification, gameful, game layer, gamestorming, game mechanics, gameplay, game theory and good old video games. How's that for a extra helping of games? Let's top it off with a Call of Duty deathmatch - who's game?

Along with the preview I handed out a list of books that will go well with this talk:

(Download PDF)

Big Design is this month! Get you're tickets, and get ready for the biggest meetup of Designers, coders, technologists, and social media gurus in the DFW area!