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Create your own Mini-Mobile Strategy Workshop

I've received some great comments, questions, and kudos from my IA Summit and Big Design talks on Mobile Strategy, and I've heard from a good number of people that they're using the presentation to make decisions about mobile strategy on their own (which is great!). I did put together a couple of quick worksheets that could help turn the presentation into a mini-workshop for anyone trying to make decisions about what to do in mobile. The first is really just a follow-along worksheet, where you can take notes, and fill in the blanks:

Download PDF

The second is a sketch sheet, where you can start to vision out and do a little designing of your own. Sketch out a couple pages, and see if your interactions and flows make sense.

Download PDF

I added some things to remember while sketching:

  • Simplify the design
  • Design for touch - not mouse
  • Note common mobile UI patterns
  • Think about context - traveling vs. at home
  • Design for speed - let them get to what they need quickly
  • Rank functionality - you don't need everything!
  • Follow usage patterns - what are your users doing on mobile
  • Remember location
  • Don’t cram too much
  • Note phone features - GPS, Camera, etc...

Hopefully this will help you or your company come to a decision on your mobile strategy.