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All the news that's fit to share...

I'm pretty much an RSS junkie. User Experience, mobile, technology, gaming - it all never stops. My passion for consuming news and feeds comes from my passion for what I do, and how it all relates with each other. Need a new icon for an iPhone app? I just starred that. What trends will shape the next five years? I'm sharing it right now. And I want to make finding these items easier for anyone who has a passion for these same topics... I've been trying to keep up with everything everywhere (if only I could just download the internet ;-) for years, and luckily the tools have gotten better (have you seen the new reeder app for the iPad?- screen below), feeds better organized, and news - ever more abundant. Add to that the proliferation of twitter (etc..), and sharing these links has become a mainstream event in most people's lives.

I've found that most people who do what I do have similar interests. They're interested in what I'm reading, and I'm interested in what they're reading. So I wanted to make that easier, not only for RSS junkies like myself, but for people who possibly leapfrogged directly to twitter, or have other reasons for not consuming news via readers, feeds, "top sites", or something forced on them, like Google Buzz.

So here you go - if you're on twitter and interested in the following topics, follow me, and I'll share what I find (details on this below):

And of course if you're already using google reader - go straight to the source - my Google Reader account: or read them at your leisure on my Google Profile page:

While this may seem daunting (updating all these accounts) - it's actually really simple. I'm using a great little online tool called This lets me take my feed (that I'm creating anyways) and split it using keywords across these different twitter accounts - automatically! It's not perfect - a post about travel could leak over to @gamerposts if the article for some reason mentions "airlines", but in general it works pretty well. also keeps stats, and tracks the click-throughs, which is interesting, and if accurate shows how many people are just out there on twitter searching keywords. In a months time @jeremyfeeds got 10k clicks on just 700 posts (which it tells me is an average of 15 clicks per post).

More and more people are turning to twitter to find new and interesting news posts online - and I only see that as a trend that will continue to grow as twitter gains more and more mainstream popularity.

I hope by doing this, I can help people find out more information on what they're passionate about, and in turn, will eventually share their own findings.

Feel free to also follow my personal account @jeremyjohnson, or my less serious @raisingrobots as well. See you online!