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Big (D)esign 2010 #bigd10

This was the second year for Big Design, and like most second times around, it was bigger, better, and still the best Design conference in the DFW area - one that also ties in social media and development. This year, not only did I get to help out, but I gave my IA Summit presentation on Mobile Strategy (updated for the months passed) to a great crowd who indulged my fast talking, information packed presentation style. What goes into making a successful conference? Lots of great people with a great community of support. This year I mainly helped with swag and signage. @logo2u helped get us some great stuff: a moleskine "like" notebook, sharpie pen, sticker, badge, and lots of tshirts.

Sketch pads for @bigdesign are in!

The signage was bigger and better thanks to fastsigns being a sponsor this year.


It's really amazing the great talent we have in the area, and this year we augmented with some great out-of-towners like: Jared Spool, Bill Scott, Chris Bernard, and Dr. Susan Weinschenk.


Stephen Anderson had us supplied with a mini-set of Mental Notes cards.


Many of the slide decks were out on Note & Point from the presentations at Big Design: Kelsey Ruger, Travis Issacs, and Joe Dyer. And a couple more presentations on the Big Design SlideShare group.


But what about the parties you ask? Yes we have those as well.




What does success look like for Big Design? A great group of people - wanting to connect, share and explore new topics.



Looking for more info about Big Design and how it went? Check out the #bigd10 hashtag, and some of the blog posts and photos that followed the conference:

My photos on Flickr

@michaelcummings flickr set