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Getting ready for my mobile presentation...

The thing about mobile is that it's always changing. Today as I write this on a plane with my iPad (which just came out this past weekend) i'm wondering about the iphone event apple is putting on later today and how that will effect my presentation. Hopefully not much :-) Either way, I'm ready for tomorrow and interested to hear stories from all the UX professionals at the IA Summit. In my presentation I have a snapshot of the current mobile space (side note: whenever I try to type "c" I try to use my fingernail, which doesn't work on a touch screen...) and then I walk through a way to help you and your team to come up with a mobile plan. A plan that's specific to your experience, users, and technology.

Mobile has been a passion of mine for a long time. I've had Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, iPods, etc... And never until I tried an iPhone did someone get it right, a light and fast experience that responds like an extension of your arm.

I'm not fully a iPhone fanboy - I really like a lot of the AI (After iPhone) devices. I've played with Android, and Palm Pre devices - all really nice, in fact some better than the iPhone in some ways. This "age" of mobile is just exciting! I don't think since the first GUI devices have we seen so many new human-computer interactions developed in such a short time.

As i've mentioned before, as technology becomes smaller and cheaper - talking, connected, interactive, disposable, video cereal boxes here we come!

If you're here at the IA Summit, I hope you stop by to discuss mobile design and development with me!