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2010 and beyond...

2010 and beyond Last week me and Stephen Thomas presented to our company's UXC Luncheon. This is a quarterly event open to all the different User Experience groups in the company. Our topic was upcoming trends in Design and technology. This is actually the fifth time I've presented a presentation like this one, starting back in 2005. While some trends are still developing, there are some new and interesting things that will shape the years to come. This year we hit on 23 different topics - ranging from the less practical interactive holograms, to something we're enjoying today - location based gaming.

Due to the nature of many of these new technologies, we included a lot of videos this year - I tried to include a link to most of them.

So here it is - 2010 and Beyond:

Some notes - one of the biggest trends which I missed until this year was Augmented Reality and all it's many flavors. This seemed to be one of the biggest trends coming in the next year. Once Apple releases it's 3.1 update for the iPhone we should see a flood of these types of apps hit the app store, and quickly gain wide adoption.

Some topics like the command line, twitter, and location were back with updates for 2009. And although RFID has been around for a while, this is the first time the phrase "Internet of Things" appeared in my presentations.

We had a longer list then the 23 we got to - this took us about 1 1/2 hours to get through - we'll save those for next time!

Please comment if you feel we left something out - or thought something shouldn't have been included. See you next time!