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Hello, welcome to 2008

Hello, welcome to 2008 Starting in 2005 when returning from SXSWi a coworker and I would put together a trends presentation talking about up-and-coming technologies, patterns, websites, etc... and 2008 is no different. The presentations keep getting longer and longer, as innovation keeps building on the previous year, moving faster and faster. This year my co-presenter was Dustin Askins of Travelocity, and we gave the presentation internally to our UX groups, and just this week at the Dallas UPA Chapter.

Why SXSWi? I think it's really good for getting a pulse of what's going on in the User Experience field. You get to meet with a wide verity of people from different practices, and hear from some of the top web professionals. An while there are many great conferences (like UIE, IA Summit, UX Week, etc...) SXSWi is consistent on it's wide ranging topics (great for "T-Shaped" People).

When looking at trends across technology, marketing, UX, and business you start to see patterns of what the leaders in their respective groups are expecting for 2008 and beyond. Things I keep seeing rise to the top: Mobile, Open Platforms, Data Control, Mixing Virtual and Reality, Semantic Web, Interoperability, and Location Based tools (see slide 33). None of these are unexpected, I sure we'd all agree these are hot items that will effect multiple areas.

I've never posted these presentations before, so I have 2005, 2006, and 2007 to post along with 2008. So if you're new to the web and User Experience, now is your chance to catch up on a couple years worth of knowledge.

So say hello to 2008:

2007 On SlideShare

2006 On SlideShare

2005 On SlideShare

I also have most of this presentation in a podcast (I think my recorder battery went dead...), so listen in. Hopefully I will continue to keep this trend of my own, it's always interesting to look back...

[EDIT 05/12/08] Here's some video from our UPA talk:
Me & Dustin speaking @ Dallas UPA from Jeremy Johnson on Vimeo.