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My Bookstack

My Bookstack Awhile back (also known as 2 months ago) Stephen posted about his bookstack. What he was reading, referencing and scanning. He tagged me to share my bookstack, and I was embarrassed with my lack of current books. But, with Christmas here, I actually have a couple of non-digital things in my bookstack.

First, I'd like to talk about what I do spend my time on. Besides work and family my "consuming media" time is divided between the following: movies, RSS feeds (iphone), online articles, Forrester reports, Xbox 360 (hellojeremy), Wii (4881 7550 0253 9687), and TV Shows. This does not count "creating" activities, like photo editing, etc...

That's a lot of media to split between the time Owen goes to bed, and the time I go to bed. Were do books fit into today's media soaked society? I am by no means anti-books, but I'm sure the argument has been made that books are an outdated way to interact with a story, or to learn about a subject. Blasphemy you say? Maybe. I read to my son as much as he'll listen, and enjoy the personal interactivity over a TV show. Before Owen I used to read every night, now as a parent I just pass out ;-)

But enough about me - you're here for the books!

My Bookstack

Punching In: The Unauthorized Adventures of a Front-Line Employee

I heard the author recently on NPR and it sounded like a great book. I've always had a soft spot for inside stories about companies, workers, and the culture (or lack of) they have.

Option$: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody

I'm a Apple fanboy, what can I say. And I didn't really follow this when it happened, so I thought it was time to dig in.

The Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life)

When John Maeda came to Sabre, I was impressed & inspired with his speech. This book is in the same series as John's "Simplicity" - and sounds like a good read.

The Star Wars Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives

This was a surprise from my parents. A extremely detailed account of the making of and culture that surrounded Star Wars, with replicas of old and rare memorabilia. Very cool.

So, I also threw my iPhone and Xbox 360 controller into the photo to show where my "media consumption" time has shifted to. On my iPhone I use Google Reader and I have my custom tailored news feed that I read constantly. On the Xbox I have queued up: BioShock, Assassins Creed, and Orange Box.

So that's my bookstack. Hope you enjoyed it. What are you reading?