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Who feeds an experience?

Who feeds an experience? Awhile back I posted my "Universe of User Experience", where I wanted to show all the pieces that needed to come together to create a great experience. This was very helpful in educating people on what User Experience was and why all the pieces were necessary. But this did not address the issue of explaining the roles of the people doing this work... So, who feeds these experiences?

Many people still don’t understand the different roles we play as Designers. Some people think “Visual Design”, while others think “HTML Coders”. “Web Designer” is a term that should only be used to describe what you do to your grandparents.

While in the past we’ve had distinct roles, the trend is to move towards “User Experience”, someone who understands many different aspects of the design and development process.

Using the ever so trendy SlideShare, you can view my quick presentation here:

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