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Who Moved my Buy Button?

Who Moved my Buy Button? In web design there are a couple things that are for the most part consistent across sites to provide a more uniform experience. Things like most logos tend to be on the top left of a page (as well as link to the homepage) and the search goes somewhere near the top right. Besides browsing the web, something most internet surfers do is shop. It could be clothing, electronics, jewelry, whatever - but this common experience has becomes very inconsistent when it comes time to buy. I’ve sampled around 30 different product pages to see where the “action” is. First, It’s not always called the “buy” button, I’ve seen:

  • Add to Cart
  • Buy this item now
  • Add to Shopping Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Add to Bag
  • Buy it
  • Order
  • Add to Shopping Bag

Some buttons have been crowded around product information, while others enjoy a nice amount of whitespace. The locations very, but as you’ll see here, groups do begin to form and a clear majority is formed:

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Looking over these 25+ product pages, the thing that stands out the most are the visual design treatments. The amount of whitespace, color, size, etc... This is what draws the eye on a page, and keeps the visitors on your site from getting confused or lost.