Jeremy Johnson — Dallas Area UX & CX Leader
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A Whole lot of Re-Branding Going on

re-branding Here at geniant we've been discussing a re-branding of our corporate identity. We've already gone through a series of branding exercises: colors, fonts, photos, and words to describe the "ideal geniant".

Recently we've been moving into the visual aspects of branding and while putting together a presentation to present some of our visual ideas, I came across quite a few "modern re-brandings". The number of large companies re-branding in the past year is surprising. So why now? Take a minute and look over this PDF:

Modern Re-Branding

What did you notice?

  • Gradients?
  • Rounded Corners
  • Bolder Colors?
  • Friendlier Type?
  • More Colors?
  • Simplified?
  • Added Realism?
  • Modernism?

Yes, most of these could be included in the "Web 2.0 Guidelines" joke, but these are BIG companies. Companies that don't bend to every trend that blows by.

Redesigns and re-brandings are always controversial: "it look like an egg", "those colors reminded me of puke" and other fun comments. Speak-Up recently posted three re-brandings, and it's now at 63 comments (mostly bashing the new MasterCard re-branding).

So why now? Is it because it's cheaper now then ever before to print full color (gradients, colors)? Customers are looking for friendlier, more disarming companies to work with (bolder colors, friendlier type)? A trend to make things simple (simplified logos)?

I'm sure it's a combination of these and other trends in business and design. Whatever the reasons, you can be sure these re-brandings will keep the discussions going for years to come.