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Teaching at Richland this Weekend

Trick_out_RLC-14 This weekend (6/24-6/25) Stephen and I will be teaching a class at Richland College titled "Web Site Make Over". We're using the "trick out" your car, home, (insert other reality show here) model and applying it your website. We'll be covering a lot of material, but also allowing time for hands-on experience.

We're breaking the class up into six areas:

  • Who’s the driver?
    “User-Centered Design”
  • Have a plan
    Structure, “Information Architecture”
  • Fresh coat of Paint
    “Visual Design”
  • What’s under the hood?
    “Site Development” XHTML, DOMScripting
  • Trickin’ it out
    Free scripts, resources, blog engines, plug-ins, tracking tools, etc...
  • Staying in the know
    Web Community, Blogosphere

This is meant to be a beginner to mid level class that will go over structure, design, as well as code. We're hoping everyone will have a website up and running already, so we can get right into "Tricking it out".

So, if you site is a little rusty, a little too plain and doesn't run quite right, this is the class for you:

“Got a clunky old web site in need of an overhaul? Need some new ways to trick out your online portfolio? During this two-day tune up, we'll roll up the sleeves and get to work—on YOUR site! This fast-paced workshop will show you how to make things look, run, and work better online: From Photoshop tips to "Under-the-Hood" CSS tricks and even ways to polish your language online—you'll drive away with a handy set of tools you can reuse or revisit, long after the workshop ends. An existing site and working knowledge of Photoshop and HTML required.”

Class information:

IMED-1191-8201 (377171), Web Site Make Over T252 LEC , Saturday and Sunday (6/24-6/25) 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, sign up! - Hope to see you there.