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Hiring on the Fringe

Hiring on the Fringe Where do you go to look for new hires? maybe? What if you're looking for that perfect culture fit, an individual that both has the skills and that je ne sais quoi you're looking for? can easily tell you (if they are telling the truth) the skill set of a person, years they've been working in a field, etc... - but how can you tell if they are a culture fit for you and your company? Of course at some point you'll need to meet with the person and have a lunch or two, but here are some shortcuts that help you tell beforehand. Sometimes you can get a feel for the person not by what they post, but where they post their resume, or by what job boards they are searching.

Sometimes you need to look beyond the mainstream and into the fringe... This article will mostly apply to the types of positions we fill here at geniant - mostly: Information Architects, Designers, Site Developers, Technology Specialists, and Usability Experts.

Lets start with the mainstream options I'm sure you've all used:, Dice, HotJobs, and CareerBuilder. These are the most visited, largest job boards on the web and while great sites, this is where you'll find the masses, not the unique individuals. For that you need to dive down a couple of levels:

New Kids on the Block This innovative site lets people "tag" their skills and rate themselves on those skills. You can easily filter people by what you're looking for. This site aggregates different job boards, this site offers some new options for employers. Simply Hired is the Google of job sites. They've just inked a deal to be the "official" job search for MySpace (I won't hold that against them...).

Unusual Suspects You can find your next home on craigslist, why not a employee? While craigslist is hugely popular, the candidates you find here are are a little more enterprising then most. This professionally run job search site is specifically for Human Factors positions. They also include UX, UI and more.


Of course you can find talented people through surfing blogs, and you can really get a feel for the person by reading their posts - but some targeted blogs are starting to offer job boards. If you're looking for the type of person who enjoys reading a blog you find interesting - sounds like a good match! If a potential hire enjoys the comics over at OK/Cancel... (cross-posts to: The king of "Keeping it Real" has a job board for all those interested in the musings over at Signal vs. Noise. While this is pretty much a no-brainer for future hires to subscribe to, it's still more targeted then the alternatives and has a very high-caliber list of jobs.

Communities: Design

I'm going to focus on some national and local (to Dallas) communities where Designers hang out. These sites are more targeted towards Visual Designers, but they do have job posts for IA, ID, etc... The job board for core77, this board is more for traditional designers, but you'll find people interested the cutting-edge of design. or national AIGA is the "thinking designers" group, that caters to more high-end design positions. But like the focus is more on visual design/advertising and less on technology. The closest thing they have to an IA category is "Interaction Design". In the Dallas area, DSVC is the largest community of Designers. They have monthly meetings with 500+ in attendance, with speakers ranging from Illustrators to New Media Specialists. The job board here is heavily viewed. HOW is a monthly magazine read by most Designers. Again more targeted towards Visual Design. Media Bristro is a career and community website for media professionals. More about media (TV, Radio), but could be a good place to look for a Copy Writer.

Communities: Design + Technology (IA, UI, UX, HCI)

The IAI Job Board lists job postings related to information architecture, as well as information design, interaction design, user experience, and HCI.

The UPA maintains a listing service for job openings for usability professionals.

Refresh Dallas The Refresh movement that started in Dallas has now gone national (map). This is a targeted group of designer and technologists that would be a great fit for any company. You can freely post jobs on in the forum area of the site. Jobs targeted at Usability professionals. A group that promotes:

The ITG will investigate and pursue opportunities to involve its members in the activities of standards bodies and by doing so, provide a voice for the Human Factors profession within these activities.

Finally, as the Human Factors profession, as a whole, adapts to the changing technological landscape of the Internet, the ITG will offer a resource for HFES members, regardless of ITG membership, to obtain information and maintain an awareness of Internet technologies. HCIRN is the "Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network" - the job board also features UX and UI postings.

Email Newslettters Great targeted resource:

Good Experience subscribers are professionals in design, usability, user experience, and customer experience; it is one of the most widely read publications in customer experience, user experience, and usability.

You can see past job posting here. IXDA is the "The Interaction Design Group", they have a email list where they welcome job postings.


If all else fails... you can get a staffing agency to look for you! Here are a couple that are big in the Design / Multimedia areas:

Aquent’s Marketing and Creative Services group has a single mission: To help clients achieve the highest possible return on their Marketing and Creative Services investments. We offer a suite of services designed to help companies achieve this goal by using people, processes, and technology with the greatest possible efficiency.

The Creative Group® provides a comprehensive range of freelance creative, advertising, marketing and Internet professionals to a variety of companies.

I hope one of these resources will get you closer to finding that perfect candidate - now it's time to take them to lunch!


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