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Iterate or Innovate?

fea_phil_hdrw.png While Microsoft and Sony both iterate on proven designs for traditional video game systems, Nintendo (which has been loosing ground in recent years) decided to innovate. Some say it's a gamble, but Nintendo needed to do something - or it was going to be left behind by hard core gamers.

What am I talking about? The Wii, and what's so innovative about the Wii? A number of things. fea_nunchuka.png

  • Interaction Design: By developing a more natural way to interact with games, Nintendo has moved us from a joystick to a more virtual space - from playing to experiencing
  • Network Lifestyle: Finally, with WiiConnect24 the Wii has a constant connection to the outside world - where the network can automatically download new pieces to games, or download any Nintendo game from decades past on demand.
  • Product Design: By realizing most people want ascetically pleasing unobtrusive devices in their homes (Apple vs. Dell), Nintendo bucks the trend to have huge, loud, machines sitting next to the TV and provides a stark white device that's "Approximately the size of three stacked DVD cases".
  • Emotional Connection: The more you interact with something, the greater you have a emotional connection with it. The iPod is something you can carry around, move the wheel, and it produces music that makes you "feel" - what about a controller you bend and move with, swing and jump with? This experience creates a connection.
  • Creating a New Category: Nintendo has decided to go after non-gamers. By creating a new category, (games for non-gamers) they've once again become the leader, and are not directly competing with Sony or Microsoft
  • Digital Library: The promise of 20 years worth of television shows on demand, a jukebox with every recording in human history? Not yet, but with Wii you get a huge selection of past games, that can bring back the nostalgia of your youth with a press of a button. Do you remember the first time you played Mario?

fea_gamepg_wiisport2.png As you can tell I'm excited about the Wii, and it's only the first day. They've released a video that does a good job at showing the capabilities of the Wii, not just the graphics, but the interactions with the people playing the games. I can't wait to read more and try a hands-on experience soon.