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Years of Customer and User Experience Expertise.

Jeremy Johnson is currently leading projekt202’s marketing and CX efforts as VP of Customer Experience. Working closely with the organization’s business development and delivery teams, Jeremy propels projekt202’s mission to create software that makes sense through strategic, experience-driven thinking.

Previously as the Director of User Experience for projekt202, one of the largest User Experience teams in the Dallas area – Jeremy and his team of over 25+ UX designers helped some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands better understand their customers while build engaging products that solve real needs.

Additional past roles include: Director of UX for Travelocity, Director of UX for GameStop, and Manager of UX for Sabre Travel Network.




Dallas, Texas

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User Experience has a direct impact on your bottom line, and it's about time we start telling execs in their own language. I'm sure many of you spend a good amount of time evangelizing what it is that you do, and the value it adds.
A quick 5min lightning talk about the four main ways Design adds business value at the local UXPA chapter in Dallas, TX
User Experience has grown from something very tactical to something that can help product teams build strategy based on customer and user needs. In this talk Jeremy goes over the top three ways you, as a product owner can utilize your team: creating a better understanding, visualizing as much as possible, and validating your ideas.

More about Jeremy

national speaker

A skilled presenter and speaker, Jeremy has shared his expertise with audiences at notable industry forums such as the IA Summit, Digital Dallas Summit, and the Big Design Conference (which he also helped start over 5 years ago with a number of other leaders in the Dallas area).

mobile design

I helped create one of the first web apps that Apple featured after the iPhone launch (for Travelocity in 2008!). This paved the way for an ongoing relationship with Apple that led to the mobile app, once the app store was officially announced. I also oversaw the mobile web and mobile app launch @ GameStop – with double the industry standard mobile traffic visiting these properties daily.


Jeremy is no stranger to video and training. Jeremy recently was part of the “Expose UX” series, which is devoted to identifying UX issues with early-stage startups. In each episode, startup founders seek help and insights from a panel of UX experts.

product vision

In my time with both the Travel Industry and the Retail Gaming Industry I have been asked to envision what can be. What experience will help us compete, what experience will leapfrog what’s out there today. It could be casting out a 5+ year vision, where anything is possible, planting a flag to march towards – or a more tactical 2-3 year vision, something achievable in the near term.


I’m passionate technology innovation, and how it will change our world. As a Product Designer, I feel like we’re on the front lines of how we’ll be interacting with the growing number of devices that are crucial to our lives. If we thought the last 10 years were amazing, wait until everything has a virtual interface that needs to be designed and tested – for ease-of-use, as well as for enjoyment.

ecommerce expert

Working for a top 500 traffic site in the U.S. – with a passionate customer base – you have to be on your toes. Working to improve visits, page load times, marketing, usability, promotions, and over all site Experience. Working retail with a strong brick-and-mortar presence adds another level of multichannel complexity to the mix.


#bigd10 preso was awesome. The dude talks really, really fast. (I think the mic ran out of words in the middle.)
— Jared Spool


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