Jeremy Johnson — Dallas Area UX & CX Leader
customer experience leader


Speaking, Judging, Panels, and more...

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big design conference

I helped start the biggest Design conference in the Dallas area, and continue to speak on topics like: mobile, understanding customer needs, better product development, innovation and more.

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expose ux

I was featured as one of the guests for the first season of Expose UX, where UX Designers are paired with innovative startups to give advice and critique product designs. 

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digital dallas fight club

At ease on stage, I was one of the judges for the Dallas area "digital fight club". This was a stellar event held at the historic Granada.

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I attended squares in 2016 (including the after party) and will be speaking at Squares 2017.

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product tank

I can talk about building better products for days... And the local product tank meetup is a great place to share stories and advice!

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Dallas area CIO Leadership Group

CIO? CTO? CEO? No problem! I can explain customer experience benefits to the best of them! The importance of customer behavior? The value of visual design? The discipline around UX?

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Corporate training & events

Looking to ramp up your UX or product teams? I have a range of topics that I’m happy to share — I have a passion for increasing knowledge around design, and design thinking methods!

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Louisiana Tech

I drove to the beautiful town of Ruston, LA to visit the students of Louisiana Tech to talk about Design, User Experience, and how to create innovative products and services. 


groups big & small

Small group? Perfect for workshops! Over the years I’ve devised a number of activities to help bring teams together, and excite them to move in the right direction.


Big design conference

After any presentation I'm happy to go in-depth and answer any and all questions! You can usually find my slides posted right after my presentation!

UXPA & Refresh dallas

You can usually find me at a meetup on any given night, either attending or speaking. Dallas has a great community of designers and developers, and I'm happy to be part of it!

internal conferences

I love bringing insights from my years of consulting to organizations of all sizes. Helping spread the word of why experiences matter, and helping internal teams get the investment they need to succeed!


Helping people make connections in our industry is a passion of mine. Anytime I get a chance to mentor someone and help them grow in their careers I take the oppurtunity.